The Aimpoint Micro T2: The Best Red Dot Sight On The Market!

The Elite Aimpoint Micro T2 Sight For Your Shooting

best red dot sightI believe that the best red dot sight on the market today is the Aimpoint Micro T2.

This is because it is tough as nails and simply has a long repuation for not failing those who rely on it.

Aimpoints just have that reputation, those that have been in this game a long time know the name and admire them.

So, this review is for someone who wants to get the best possible sight they can…

and doesn’t mind that the price of their optic will be just as high as the performance it gives them.

The Established Reputation of Aimpoint Reliability…

aimpoint micro t2 reviewThe Aimpoint Micro T2 inherits the well-earned reputation that every Aimpoint receives for rock solid reliability.

These sights are built as tough as they can be, and they can certainly take a lot of abuse before they go down.

They even include protection for the turrets of the optic because the sight housing comes up around them.

Because of this durability, they’re a favorite of law enforcement officers and soldiers who are able to use them.

And for many, Aimpoint if the only brand of red dot sight that they’ll consider putting on their rifle.

The Fantastic Lens Clarity…

best aimpoint red dotThe lens clarity on the Aimpoint Micro T2 is incredibly clear.

You see, many red dot optics have a blue tint when you look through the glass.  But this aimpiont is incredibly clear…

And that allows you to shoot much faster and easier because you can simply see your targets better!

Several Brightness Settings…

With this sight you get 8 daylight brightness settings for your reticle.

You also get 4 Night Vision settings if you intend on using this optic with NV equipment, and you get 1 more setting which is considered EXTRA Bright!

This Extra bright setting has a few applications, but one common one is shooting when it is glaringly bright outside.

It just makes it easier to see your reticle in those conditions.

Battery Life The Goes On…

parallax free red dotThe battery life on the Aimpoint Micro T2 is simply stunning.

One CR2032 battery can last for five years in this sight, and that’s while the sight is running the entire time.

So, you can basically just set it and forget it for a while. Most shooters will just replace it every year or two years so they never run out of battery power and their optic is always on…

And having your optic always turned on is incredibly important if you ever intend on using your rifle to defend yourself, your family, or your home.

Amazingly Waterproof…

best red dotThe Aimpoint Micro T2 is also a waterproof red dot sight.

The manufacturer says it can be submerged up to 80 feet underwater!

That’s crazy! And you can just imagine a team of navy seals coming up from a dive with Aimpoints mounted on their carbines.

Most of use will never need to go scuba diving with our red dots, but it’s nice to know that there is really nothing water can do to disrupt or damage your optic.

So, you won’t have to worry about rainy or wet conditions whenever you’re using your rifle because you know your optic can handle all of it with ease.

So In Summary, Here’s The Deal With The Aimpoint Micro T2…aimpoint red dot sight

  • It has fantastic lens clarity
  • It is ruggedly designed and extremely reliable
  • It’s waterproof up to 80 feet in water!
  • It can keep working for five years on one battery!
  • Weighs almost nothing at 3.0 Oz.
  • You get a limited lifetime warranty from Aimpoint

The Aimpoint Micro T2 is pricey, but it’s probably the toughest and most reliable red dot on the market, and I think it’s the best red dot sight available today!

Be safe and have fun!

-Mike C.


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